About Us

Gabbanelli Accordions remain as one of the main pillars of the Mexican Regional Music. The greatest anthems of our time, those that have really framed our cultural heritage and we’ve been singing throughout the years, they were written in a Gabbanelli. The idols who have made and are still making history within our music, they all have entrusted their sound to these instruments.

The notes coming out of a Gabbanelli have been with us in good times and in bad times. Especially during the good times, since we all need to agree that there’s nothing that cannot be cured with the sound of music.

Every time an artist takes a stage and holds a Gabbanelli Accordion in his arms, the feelings of happiness naturally come with it.

This is what has made the brand stronger and stronger over the years. When an instrument is capable of making so many people feel so good, there’s just nothing that can compare with it.


Our dear founder, Gianfranco “John” Gabbanelli, knew pretty well that he wanted to come into the United States, looking for the American Dream. What he didn’t know was that, while doing this, he would also start a revolution of the music industry. Ever since he arrived in Houston, back in 1961, John encountered the raising explosion of the Mexican Regional Music. And in the land of opportunity, he quickly found his. Thanks to the fact that he had learned the craft of making accordions in the very workshops that invented the instrument in Italy, when he landed in Houston he designed a model specifically for this music genre. Not only he redefined the sound, but also the way these instruments look. Right in the garage of his house, John installed his own little workshop and captured his vision in avant-guard designs, totally ahead of his time.

The name of John Gabbanelli is written with golden letters within the history of accordion. He devoted 42 years of his life to the instruments that have his name on them. And even though he unfortunately is not with us anymore, every instrument, every service we give to our customers and every new model we launch is a homage to his memory. John founded the basis of what we are today and our commitment to create the very best accordions in the industry is our way to keep him always present.



For almost 30 years, Mike has been the revolutionary force behind the impeccable sound of every single accordion that has his name on it. He learned the craft from his father, the late John Gabbanelli. But it didn’t take long for the student to surpass the master, as he also immersed himself in the intricate process of manufacturing accordions with master artisans in Italy, comparing the two different approaches in order for him to develop his own. Mike’s vision for the company has been to develop a streamlined communication with the artists in order to fully understand their needs–in his mind, that’s the only way you can build, evolve, and perfect a product with so many key components that need to operate in harmony. He has commissioned and trained a team of Italian artisans to manufacture the accordions based on a very strict set of specifications that no one else knows. Mike has become one of only a few true accordion specialists remaining in the world that still practice the dying artisan trade.



While Mike is the genius behind the sound of Gabbanelli Accordions, Elia is the spearhead who oversees all of the company’s worldwide sales and operations. With a clear understanding of her customers, she’s been in charge of redefining the vision, mission, and communications strategy. A true connoisseur of the music industry, Elia has also led efforts to change perceptions of Mexican Regional Music, in order to take it to the place this genre deserves.

Every day, musicians from all walks of life come to the Gabbanelli store in Houston, where they feel welcomed and inspired by the products displayed and the service they receive. This feeling of pride and respect for the art owes a lot to her connection with the artists. Elia holds a degree in Corporate Communications and International Relations from UT at Austin.

SOFIA – Sales Associate

Being part of Gabbanelli has taught me a lot. When I hear Mike or Elia talking about the Gabbanelli family I feel totally connected. This is a true community of hard work and craftsmanship, all devoted to the love of music.


Fun fact: I love sunsets. I really do! To the point where everywhere I go I take pictures. I have a whole gallery on my phone. And my dream is to travel across Africa, capturing, you know, sunsets.

YANELI – Sales Associate

I never imagined having the opportunity to work with the Gabbanelli Family. I grew up listening to regional Mexican music with my dad. In fact, his favorite songs were played with a Gabbanelli. That is why I am proud to collaborate and be part of the Gabbanelli team. Listening to music with melodies played on the accordion in the background while I work, always brightens my day. 


Fun fact: In my free time, I love to ride my Bianchi bike. It lets me explore the city. I love going fast, feeling the wind in my face, and being able to appreciate familiar places differently than when I drive a car.

JOSUE – Sales Associate

I love my job because there is just no other place where you can work with the family whose name is on the instrument.


Fun fact: I’m a hardcore gamer.  So you may see me at the store with a friendly and welcoming face talking about Accordions.  But please don’t mess with me on Destiny, my favorite game.  You may regret it.